What Am I Doing Here?

Hi all…..all sounds optimistic.  I’d be pleased if one person saw this.  So…hey there, you.   Thanks for dropping by.

This, this is my blog.  It’s probably not terribly impressive so far.  I don’t particularly think I have anything interesting to say, I’m here for a reason.  I’m trying to be funny.  Not here, in particular (though some of the posts might be).  I’m trying to be funny more-or-less professionally.  Or semi-professionally, at least. 

But I have no real idea how one goes about this.  So I’m doing to things.  First, I’m doing web searches on how to get to open mikes and other venues where I can actually try to do comedy in front of people.  I will let you, my loyal audience of one (or none) know how that goes.

In the meantime, I am going to write and post material here for you (dear, solitary reader) to read and comment on.  If you find any particular part of it funny, please let me know.  If you find none of it funny, well, let me know that too, perhaps I will save gas money and humiliation (though my humiliation meter is usally pegged in the red by the time I get home from work, so little chance of having much of an effect there).

If you have thoughts or suggestions as to things I should be doing (or not doing) in order to turn this dream into a reality (or even a brief, shining delusion before it is snuffed out like the dying ember of a fire that probably shouldn’t have been built in that particular spot in the first place) please feel free to comment (assuming I’ve turned comments on, I’m new to this blogging business).

So without further ado, I will post this introduction and get to the material.  Thanks for bearing with me, and any comments you may have.


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